Mr. Olmedo A. Rosas A. (1927 – 1990)


Olmedo A. Rosas A. , born in Tolé, Republic of Panama, on July 3 of 1927, son of Don Carlos Rosas and Doña Elodia Abrego, who educated their children to serve their nation with talent, honesty and transparency, teachings passed on to his children and grandchildren. He was married to Mrs. Mary O’Donnell de Rosas , native of Boquete, with whom he had three children.

The foundation of our firm date back to 1953, when its founder, having recently graduated from the Law and Political Science School of the University of Panama, formed his own law firm. This practice, as well as his independent litigations, was interrupted during the performance of roles in the public sector in order to shape his public life from 1964 to 1968.

The private practice of Law was resumed by Olmedo A. Rosas when he retired from his public life, which grew gradually to give way in 1984 to the civil society Rosas & Rosas, a successful law firm, as a continuation of the existing practice, and which has dedicated to and specializes in several fields of Law, such as Corporate, Banking, Maritime, Civil Aviation, Administrative, Commercial, Contractual, Labor, Criminal, Migration, Trademark, Tax Law, among others.

Olmedo A, Rosas passed away in 1990, leaving a legacy high professional execution and service to the nation, legacy that all members of the firm try to emulate in every instance.

Public Service in the Republic of Panama

  • - General Comptroller of the Republic of Panama, 1964-1968.

  • - Ambassador of the Republic of Panama in special missions, 1964-1968.

  • - Minister Counselor and Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Panama, 1974-1990.

Member of Organisms and Board of Directors

  • - Lead Member of the Administration Council of: Caja de Seguro Social (Instituto de Seguridad Social), 1964-1968.

  • - Institute de Acueductos Alcantarillados Nacionales у (Instituto Nacional de Acueductos y Alcantarillados), 1964-1968.

  • - Junta de Aeronáutica Civil, 1960-1964.

  • - Institute for the Economic Development, 1964-1968.

  • - Roads, airports and ports Commission, 1964-1968.

  • - Member of the Asociación de Abogados de Panamá. Sociedad Brasileña de Derecho de Aviónica.

Dissertations of Don Olmedo A. Rosas A.

Fiscal Control and judicial roles of the General Comptroller Office of the Republic of Panama, celebrated in the General Comptroller meeting in Central America San Salvador, El Salvador, April 1965.

Social and Economic Analysis and the Development of Latin America before the representative of American Countries in the General Assembly of the Inter-American Council of the Alliance for Progress, celebrated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, February14, 1967.

Economy, Social and Policy of the status of the Republic of Panama in the Journalism Chamber Panama City, Republic of Panama, January, 1967.

Social and economic conditions of the Atlantic Coast of the Republic of Panama, held before the Business and Executives Association in the City of Colon, Province of Colon, Republic of Panama, April 12, 1967.

Judicial analysis of the General Conditions of the Republic of Panama, held before the National Association of Businesses and Executives in Panama City, Republic of Panama, April 22, 1983.