Real Estate

Real Estate and Residential Investment has been one of the fastest growing sectors of the Panamanian Economy over the last decade due to a global marketing campaign which promotes Panama as an ideal destiny for tourist, investors and retired persons around the world.

At ROSAS Y ROSAS, we understand the needs of investors in this area and we are committed to render an integral one-sole-stop legal service for persons wishing to visiting, relocating and/or investing in Panama. Some of the attorneys are, even certified license real estate brokers that enables the firm to better understand and attends the real needs of the clients. Our lawyers specialized in all matters related to real estate investment, which includes: property title searches; due diligence search and reports on real estate properties; land surveys; Public Registry Office registration; encumbrances; real estate taxes; negotiation and drafting of promise to purchase and sale agreements, including final purchase contracts; registration and follow up of real estate mortgages and title deeds; assistance and selection of local banks in the procurement of mortgages; promissory real estate rights, and all related services which are naturally or incidentally originated from real estate transactions. The law firm assists clients in matters associated with the horizontal property (condominiums regime), formation of owners associations, property segregation, master sales contracts and tax planning.

We also provide our clients the service of escrow agents, or refer to another company o bank to serve as escrow agents while the title transfer deed is being executed.

Likewise, a selected group of experienced attorneys represent developers and promoters of residential, commercial and tourist projects, since the client acquires the property; the master plan approval; obtainment of municipal permits, through all the process of finally delivery of the project to the buyers from the Promoter.

Rolando A. Guevara A. (Jefe de Práctica / Head of Practice)