With the enactment and regulation of the Law No. 25 of 1995, the Private Interest Foundations became a flexible and efficient instrument for estate planning and asset protection. ROSAS Y ROSAS offers legal counselling and substantial expertise gained over the years focused on straight-forward solutions to domestic and international clients, rendering professional services in a highly personalized manner such as: the creation of trusts and foundations; the trust deed and/or agreement; trustee and foundation council services; drafting of wills; estate planning; escrow arrangements and any other type of fiduciary arrangements required by the clients. A complete review on - a case-by-case- basis of any entrusted situation is rendered to our clients, headed by a well experienced partner of our firm who works closely with our tax experts, orienting the client thorough understanding of these instruments. Attorneys and qualified personnel of the firm serve as nominee members of the Foundation Council Counsel Foundation, and trustee services.

Rachel Arosemena Rosas