Corporate Law

Since the beginning of its operations, a significant portion of the firm’s practice has been devoted to the organization, creation, modification, merger, liquidation, and dissolution of corporations, including administrative representation of corporations. Panama and BVI Corporations are primarily offered to clients, but assistance through our correspondents worldwide enable us to offer corporations of other jurisdictions to satisfy the clients’ needs.

In this area, ROSAS Y ROSAS provides a wide range of corporate legal services to clients such as: handling certificate of good standing and corporate existence of companies, Public Registry Office searches, drafting articles of incorporation and company by-laws, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, payment of fiscal taxes, drafting of minutes of all kinds of meetings, powers of attorney, legal counselling on complex matters that usually arise during the life of a corporation. Also, legal advice is offer on subjects such as shareholder rights’, director liability, minority shareholder’s rights, class preferences, pre-emptive rights, rights of first refusal, corporate governance, voting rights, declaration of dividends, among others.

Rachel Arosemena Rosas